Embroidered Sequins Pink Dress


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Add a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe with this pink dress adorned with embroidered sequin strawberries. The mesh long sleeves provide a sheer elegance, allowing the playful sequin details to stand out. The ruffle V-neckline creates a flattering frame for your d├ęcolletage, adding a soft, romantic feel to the dress.

The embroidered sequins give this dress a unique charm, with each strawberry glimmering in the light. The combination of the delicate mesh sleeves and the vibrant sequin embroidery makes this dress a perfect choice for special occasions, from parties to evening gatherings. The ruffle detailing enhances the overall aesthetic, lending a playful yet sophisticated vibe.

This pink dress offers a beautiful balance of elegance and fun. The V-neckline and mesh sleeves create an alluring silhouette, while the sequin strawberries add a delightful pop of color. Pair it with your favorite heels for an enchanting evening look, or opt for flats for a more relaxed approach. No matter how you style it, this dress is sure to turn heads.

Size Chest Width (in) Length (in)
M 41.73 25.59
L 43.31 25.59


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