Elegant Corset Mini Pink Dress


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Make a stunning statement with this elegant corset mini pink dress. The fit and flare design offers a flattering silhouette, cinching at the waist and flaring out gently to create a balanced shape. The mesh long sleeves add a touch of sheer elegance, providing a subtle contrast to the solid pink bodice. This combination of features gives the dress a unique charm, perfect for parties, date nights, or any special occasion where you want to stand out.

The lace details on the bust elevate the dress’s sophistication, creating an intricate focal point that draws the eye. The corset design provides structure and support, allowing you to feel confident and comfortable throughout the evening. The mini length brings a youthful edge to the dress, while the mesh sleeves and lace detailing add a hint of delicacy. This balance of boldness and elegance makes it a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Pair this dress with high heels for a chic and polished look, or opt for ankle boots for a more casual style. The fit and flare silhouette, combined with the mesh sleeves and lace details, ensures you’ll feel glamorous from every angle. Whether you’re attending a party or enjoying a night out, this corset mini pink dress is designed to make you look and feel fabulous.

Size Bust (in) Waist (in) Hip (in) Length (in)
XS 29.13-33.07 22.05-25.20 31.50-35.43 24.02
S 30.71-34.65 23.62-26.77 33.07-37.01 24.41
M 32.28-36.22 25.20-28.35 34.65-38.58 24.80
L 33.86-37.80 26.77-29.92 36.22-40.16 25.20


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